What To Know When Hiring A House Cleaner

When realizing that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all that is necessary to keep the home well tended to and still have time to relax and enjoy family and friends, many make the choice to hire part-time cleaners from Domestic One. These cleaners will help to keep the home neat, clean and well-kept while enabling the homeowner to spend more of their time relaxing and having fun,instead of scrubbing, dusting and washing floors. Before hiring a cleaner, it’s important to ask many questions and understand exactly what the duties of the housekeeper will be, so that both the homeowner and the housekeeper can work well together and have a mutual understanding of the work that is to be done.

Most cleaning services have job specifications available to describe what various services they offer. Most offer a weekly cleaning service, an as-needed service, a seasonal deep-cleaning and even pre and post-moving cleaning services. Generally, the job specifications are similar. Floors are either vacuumed or washed, walls and furnishings dusted, bathroom showers, sinks and toilets cleaned and disinfected, and kitchen surfaces wiped down, Additional services may include ironing of clothing or washing windows and grilles.

Of course, part of the convenience of having a cleaner is that the homeowner doesn’t have to devote excessive amounts of time to household tasks. Though this is true, taking the time to do a few chores prior to the cleaner arriving, will allow them to do a more thorough and efficient job. Try to pick up clothing and other debris or clutter on the floor. Additionally, keeping all the cleaning supplies together in a convenient location is helpful if products aren’t furnished by the service. Always remember that the cleaner is there to assist in keeping the home neat and clean. Don’t purposefully leave trash, debris or filth knowing the maid will get it. This just wastes time for other important tasks, leaving them either undone or costing more in excess time to complete the job fully.

A cleaner will enable the homeowner to have more time to pursue enjoyable activities and spend time with family and friends. Always remember to keep communication open so it’s clear to both parties what is expected during a cleaning session. By doing this, coming home to a clean home will be an enjoyable experience that brings relaxation and pleasure.