Interior Home Style Trends For 2017

When it comes to staying modern in your home, it can be a challenge if you don’t know the recent trends. Today we’re going to share with you some of the newest style trends for 2017. Get your notepad out and get ready to find the new trends that will work to make your home look more modern and increase its overall value.

Make It Green 

Now we’re not talking about being eco-friendly, although, you should totally put in some effort to do so. We are more specifically talking about using bright green as your new trendy color. Many homeowners are opting for the shade called ‘Greenery’. It’s shown to provide a modern and refreshing look to any home. Whether you are thinking of painting an entire room or just your kitchen cabinets, this color is fun and will be sure to brighten up your mood every day.

Inside Shutters 

This trend from the 1950s era is starting to make its way back into our modern lifestyle. Inside shutters, such as the ones at, will help to create privacy and a trendy look in your home. These indoor shutters take on the role of curtains and blinds, without the added hassle of either. They simply open with a pull on the wooden rod when you want sunlight and close with a pull the opposite direction when you want privacy. These add a flare of texture to any home.

Fold-Up Cabinets And Appliances 

Savoring both simplicity and room, fold-up options are becoming more and more popular. The kitchen is one area that tends to see many fold-up operations. From retractable range hoods to knife racks that pop up out of the counter, homeowners are looking for ways to increase the space they have by conveniently hiding items that aren’t being used. These fold-up items also allow for a cleaner look in the room when they are in their hidden positions.

Smart Home Features 

As we become more reliant on our smartphone technology, our homes are starting to catch up. There are numerous smart home features which are now affordable to the general public and many are upgrading. A few examples include color-toned lighting, in-counter charging docks, smart alarm systems, and much more. By incorporating smart technology into the home, homeowners can have more control and seek more enjoyment from their homes.

Navy Blue Accents 

Navy is a color that conveniently goes with every other color out there. Whether you need a color trim for your walls or a slight accent for your bathroom shower current, navy is becoming the preferred option. It’s important to realize that although black used to be the go-to color to accent any other, it’s now being replaced by the color navy.

Keeping up with the design trends for the current year doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s important to take the time to see how these trends will correctly be incorporated into your home to make it look fantastic and function properly. We suggest giving the above trends a try and see just how refreshing your home can become.