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Trade Logistics

Trade logistics block of BX Steel (Group) is auxiliary service for steel industry, and becomes the third party for trade and operation facilitator of logistics on the basis of breakthrough of steel trade,import &export,storage processing,logistics transportation and electronic business by which devotes itself to the continuous and stable development of BX Steel.

The marketing system of BX Steel (Group) contains Benxi Iron&Steel (Group) International Economic & Trading Co., Ltd.(subsidiary which is wholly owned by the Group, Sales Department of Bengang Steel Plates,Benxi Beiying Iron&Steel Group Imp.&Exp.Co., Ltd. and Sales Department of Benxi Posco Co., Ltd. The marketing system undertakes market development ,sales and after-sale service of various steel products,coking by-product,gas product,Various metallurgical slag,Available materials,waste and old materials for branches and subsidiaries of the Group;Also, it undertakes manufactured products exportation and import procurement of equipment,Bulk rural fuel material and other tasks such as labor export, project contracting, technology import and so on.

As for export trade, BX Steel (Group) has been developing new markets on the basis of consolidating partnership with existing clients and direct-supply clients. At present, direct-supply users account for 60% of the exporting clients of the Group which are from more than 80 countries and areas, and that plays an vigorous role in improving product structure ,product RD,decision-making and client service of the whole Group.

As for import trade, it becomes beneficial point of trade growth and creates profits for BX Steel (Group) through composing stable economic operation measurements, focusing on innovation management,refining process,fully tapping,cutting down cost of procurement and capital saving.

BX Steel (Group) has been realizing diversification through processing trade,import&export trade,future trade,technology import and export of whole sets of equipment for the sale of selling products and serving clients;meanwhile, it cooperates with famous iron-steel E-commerce company through stock investment and to push the development of iron-steel e-commerce development and to realize diversification of trading methods. Developing minerals trade,the Group has planned to set up resource exploitation company, and to participate in the marketing operation at home and abroad of upstream  iron ore,coal mine and nonferrous metal, to run the mineral resource business through various channels.

For logistics,  BX Steel (Group) takes strategy of large logistics as core and takes full advantage of sea transportation,port logistics platform to increase the efficiency of logistics, and to improve logistics management and service quality and to decrease the consumption of port and cost of sea transportation for promoting the competitiveness  of its products.

BX Steel (Group) has promoted the operation of pre-loading plan of congregated goods through grading management of destination ports to raise efficiency of logistics of sea transportation to decrease logistics turnover time; to strengthen the management of vessels and ship types; as well as to improve the efficiency ofcargo handling in ports.

BX Steel (Group) has been seeking for establishing joint venture logistics enterprise on the basis of annual 80 million tons of logistics transportation volume to restructure logistics resources with flexible methods, and to optimize and decrease the logistics cost;moreover,the Group gradually expands logistics market outside Benxi through developing towards its suppliers and traders so that making logistics could be a new profit growth point for the Group.

During “13th five-year”period, BX Steel (Group) has formed a service system to support marketing system and diversified trading methods with all coverage of logistics,storage,processing,and dispatching;meanwhile, it has established a trade system dominated by domestic trade and supplemented by foreign trade to advance trading diversification,  trade exploration,and new financial modes also, the Group has set up a stable and mature platform of steel e-commerce and has become an investment subject with independent investment,cooperative operation,equity investment and more diversity patterns. At the end of “13th five-year”, the Group has achieves 21 billion yuan as revenue and 150 million yuan as profit.