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Financial Investment

Benxi Steel Group has combined the modern enterprise management and business ideas and promoted the diversification strategy actively since 2010, so that it has preliminary constructed “1+5” development pattern. The development of financial industry is the one of diversified industries that Benxi steel will focus on. The financial business of Benxi Steel Group mainly includes financial company,financial investment (Rong da pawn and guarantee),financing renting,property management,commercial bank and securities, etc., and the Capital operation Department is the management unit of the group financial sector.  The main operating platforms are as follows:

Benxi Steel Group finance Co., Ltd.

Benxi Steel Group finance co., ltd. (finance company for short), which is the only non bank financial institution in Benxi and one of the four large-scale enterprise group finance companies in Liaoning, started the business approved by Liaoning Banking Regulatory Bureau on 25th, Dec. 2014.  The registered capital of it is 1 billion RMB. The main business of finance company is to deal with the deposit, loan, settlement, agent, consultant and other business for group internal units. Based on these, The company has gradually enriched the business varieties such as interbank lending,entrusted loans and entrusted investment,finance lease,underwrite bond,financial advisor and consultation, etc.

In order to enlarge the company business scale and accelerate the innovation and development, Benxi steel group has increased the investment for finance company by 2 billion RMB so that the registered capital of it will be 3 billion RMB.

Liaoning Hengyi finance lease Co., Ltd.


Liaoning Hengyi finance lease Co., Ltd. (finance lease company for short) was founded in Sep. 2014 and the registered capital is 350million $, the shareholding of Benxi Steel Group Co., Ltd. is 51% and that of Benxi Steel hongkong Co., Ltd. is 49%.

Finance lease company proceeds from the characteristics of the finance lease market function and the management chain,  provides integrated services (and resource allocation services) for cross finance, trade, investment and professional technology for the purpose, launches the financial leasing business by adopting various forms such as direct lease, sublease, in order to promote the increase of investments, stimulate and expand domestic demands, promote the circulation of equipments and economic development.

Liaoning Hengji Asset Management Co., ltd.

Liaoning HengJi Asset Management Co., Ltd.( HengJi Company for short), which has been founded in March 2011, is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested by Benxi Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. with registered capital of 3 million yuan . It is mainly responsible for the operation and management of foreign investment property rights, equity and operating real estate outside Benxi ized by Benxi Iron and steel group; renting or selling the idle and discarded assets ized by Benxi Iron and Steel Group.

Share-holding Benxi commercial bank

Benxi commercial bank Limited company (Benxi commercial bank for short), of which the predecessor was Benxi Urban credit cooperative Limited company, was established on 9th, April, 2010 approved by CBRC. With the permission of Liaoning Banking Regulatory Bureau, the Benxi commercial bank increased the investment and stock for the first time in Dec. 2013. the total share capital of Benxi commercial bank has increased to 947 million yuan after Benxi steel group and other shareholders took stakes in Benxi commercial bank, in which benxi steel group contributed  132 million 440 thousand yuan and hold 94 million 600 thousand shares, that is 9.99% of the total share capital.

Share-holding Zhongtian securities company

Zhongtian securities co., Ltd. (Zhongtian securities for short), which is a securities company controlled by the SASAC of Liaoning Province, has been founded in July, 2004. in 2006, Zhongtian securities increased the investment and stock and Benxi Steel Group took part in it after making full research. The registered capital is 2.225 billions after increasing the investment and stock, Benxi Steel Group, which is the second-largest shareholder after SASAC of Liaoning, contributed 0.95 billion yuan and holds 0.475billion shares which is 21.35% of the total share capital. 

During the 13th five-year plan, Benxi Steel Group will gradually expand the variety and scale of financial business based on the existing financial platforms to form the mutually reinforcing developing trend with business combination of "financial investment, asset management, financial company, commercial bank, fund, trust, securities, insurance" and realize that iron and steel making sector drives financial industry, financial industry boosts the iron and steel making industry and the good situation of production and finance integration. Meanwhile, it has expanded financing channels actively by introducing strategic investors and promoting the listed companies to increase the capital strength and market competitiveness of the financial sector. The financial sector of Benxi Steel will have realized annual revenue is 5 billion yuan, and the profit is 900 million yuan by the end of the 13th five-year plan.