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City Services

The service sector of Benxi Iron and Steel Group is to take advantage of the resource of Benxi Iron and Steel and focus on medical services, education, catering, heating, real estate and other urban services in order to have a foothold in Benxi and reach everywhere in Liaoning area as well as providing services for ecological and intelligent city. The main production and operation conditions are as follows:

Health service

General Hospital of Benxi steel, which is a national Grade A of Level 3 hospital and NO. 5 clinical medical school of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, is the first one that success in coronary artery bypass graft surgery、Coronary angiography+ PTCA+ Stenting、kidney transplant. It is a large-scale modern comprehensive hospital with medical, preventive, scientific research, teaching, first aid and rehabilitation. Departments of Cardiology and Urology are the key clinical specialties in BENXI, 11 second level clinical departments are identified as the Master graduate students training base for Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. There are 19 hospital staff are appointed as Master Instructor and 5 people receive the government subsidies of The State Council. It also has the largest non-holiday clinics of health service center.

Nandi hospital of Benxi steel( the original Affiliated Hospital of Benx steel nursing school) is a national grade A of level two hospital and designated hospital for industrial injuries. Clinical Psychology of the hospital is the characteristic specialty in Benxin and the specialized disease outpatient department is for Abdominal external hernia. It is the first hospital that develop the painless anorectal operation and realize the CT teleconsultation. The outpatient clinic of Nandi hospital is a lager one and without holidays all the year.

Benxi steel Institute of Occupational Health (institute for employment studies for short), which is responsible for nearly 40,000 staff occupational physical examination every year, inspect and evaluate the working environment and hygiene、technology、service at the same time for the projects such as new build、 rebuild、extend and diagnose the occupational disease such as pneumoconiosis、toxicant、malignancy as well.

Benxi steel chest hospital is the only one qualified for “tuberculosis characteristic specialty”and owns the combination ward of diabetes and tuberculosis in Benxi and eight people who are the leaders of physical science. Diagnosis of drug-resistant TB, Refractory tuberculosis, pulmonany tuberculosis with diabetes,etc. has reached advanced level in liaoning by now. Service brand“Spring Rain in Medical Profession”has got the title of quality service.

Benxi steel Nanfen hospital is the only national grade A of level 2 hospital in Nanfen, which is a comprehensive medical institution with medical treatment, nursing, prevention, health care, science and education.


Liaoning metallurgy professional technology institution ( technology institution for short) is a full-time regular higher vocational institution directly under the jurisdiction of a provincial government and it is also the only metallurgic higher vocational institution in Liaoning province. There are more than 10 out-of-school training bases. It has built the long-term and stable out-of-school training bases together with    ZENITH STEEL GROUP、Lingyuan steel group、Tianjin metallurgy group so as to ensure training of technical personnel with practical skills. technology institution has been rewarded as “The outstanding contribution award for the cultivation of national skills and talents”、“one of Top 100 national training enterprises”、“National demonstration base of high skilled personnel training“、“The outstanding contribution award of the construction of the national vocational training materials”、“Institute of National excellent professional skills identification ”and so on.
Center for children education of Benxi iron and steel (Group) new industrial development limited liability Company (hereinafter referred to as the center for children education) consists of Dongming, Pingshan kindergartens and Aiying early education center for brain development. Boht Dongming kindergartens and Pingshan kindergartens are five- star kindergartens in Liaoning. They have undertaken and completed the national level practical research on scientific research subject and have won the title of "The advanced group of China Women's Federation ", "Liaoning advanced collective of Children's work in Liaoning”, "Advanced units of civilization in Liaoning " and so on .Aiying early education center for brain development is the only large-scale public GSP These early brain development center of Benxi city is the only large scale professional public GSP development center which adopts the most advanced teaching methods to develop the potential of young children systematically.

Catering service

Hotel of Benxi iron and steel (Group) new industrial development co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Bengang Hotel) and Benying hotel which served Benxi steel before are providing service to Benxi and Liaoning now.
Bengang hotel includes Benxi Iron and steel hotel and Jinshan Hotel. Benxi Iron and steel hotel is four A-level Green Hotel and Jinshan Hotel is a three-star hotel. It is a window service unit with high influence inside and outside of Benxi Iron and steel group. Benying Hotel has been rated as three-star hotel by National Tourism Administration in July 2006 and named as Green Turist Hotel by the National Tourist star hotel evaluation committee in 2009.

Heating service

The heating area of Benxi iron and steel (Group) Thermal Developing Company (hereinafter referred to as Thermal Company) is 6 .558 million㎡which covers Mining Area of Benxi Iron and Steel in Nanfen and Waitoushan. At the same time, it supplies water to the production of Waitoushan iron ore of Benxi Iron and Steel Group mining company and more than 4700 residents.  The annual water supply is about 2.7 million tons.

Since 2012, Thermal Company has promoted the sustainable development strategy of "energy-saving and emission-reduction, central heating, green heating " steadily, developed the circular economy vigorously, fully developed the waste heat from production and put it into use in winter and spring. Meanwhile, it also succeeded in construction and production of blast furnace slag water of ironmaking plant and central heating in Nanfen and other Key environmental heating projects. The company has made remarkable progress in eliminating and banning the heating capacity of boilers that pollute the environment year by year and has made positive contributions to the "blue sky and clear water" in Benxi. environmental protection construction in Benxi area.

Thermal Company has won the "Double first" title of the advanced unit and the advanced Party Committee for three years in a row from 2014 to 2016; From 2012 to 2016, it was awarded with four consecutive excellent heating enterprises of Liaoning province. It was appraised as the advanced group of Benxi in 2016 and got the gratifying results of both social and economic benefits.

Real estate service

Benxi iron and steel (Group) real estate limited liability company (Real Estate Company) is a diversified business and comprehensive real estate development company which integrates planning and design, real estate development and construction. It has the first class qualification with national real estate development、second grade qualification of building installation and construction, grade B qualification for planning and design and level III qualification of real estate management. It developed independently Xiangxi Park project, of which the construction area is 42 thousand ㎡. Ming Cui mountain villa, which is a cooperative development project with 24 thousand ㎡, has been completed and available for living. Real estate management center of Benxi iron and Steel Group co., ltd (hereinafter referred to as real estate management center) is responsible for the management of 4.245 million ㎡house property and registration, planning and Implementation of daily maintenance and large-scale project maintenance, exchange and transaction of public property, collect the room charge、house reforming and selling、equipment and facility maintenance and rush repair and 267 house lease.

During "13th Five-Year" period, Benxi Iron and Steel Group will build a city service industrial cluster. The city service sector will have achieved revenues of 2 billion yuan and profit of 50 million yuan by the end of "13th Five-Year".