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Benxi Iron & Steel (Group) Mining Co., Ltd.

Benxi iron and steel (Group) Mining Co., Ltd. (mining company for short), which is the wholly owned subsidiary of Benxi Steel Group, was formed on 28th, Dec.1995.it is the base of the main raw material and has the reputation of "the hometown of Ginsen iron".

Ming Company is located both in Benxi and Liaoyang. The number of staff is more than 10,000 and there are 4 iron mines, 3 auxiliary material mines,4 spare mines, 4 concentration plants, 1 pelletizing plant. There are 11 units including Nanfen open-pit Iron Ore Mine,Waitoushan iron mine, Nanfen concentration plant, limestone mine, Jiajiapu iron mining, Maerling pelletizing plant and so on are affiliated to mining company. The company, which is primarily engaged in mining iron ore, concentrating,pelletizing and supported by auxiliary material production, transportation, maintenance after extension, reconstruction, structural adjusting, asset optimization and reorganization for many times, is a large-scale mining integrated enterprise with modern management and equipment.

The annual production capacity of iron ore is 25,000,000 tons,fine iron mining is 8,000,000 tons,pellet is 2,000,000 tons,raw limestone is 1,100,00 tons. The amount of iron ore resource is 1.5 billion tons and that of limestone is 55,950,000 tons at the moment. The company successively introduced the advanced equipments including American BE company 295B power shove,LIEBHERR R9350E electric-driven hydraulic excavator for Germany,Atlas PV351 hydraulic drill,789C Caterpillar mechanical wheel dump truck from the USA,D10T bulldozer,TAKRAF ARs3000-50 rock cutter from Germany,HP5 cone crusher supplied by Metso in Finland. The main equipments are the leading level in the same industry in China and the original value of fixed assets is 8.49 billion RMB, which can support the enterprise become larger and greater.

With the combination of supply side structural reform,optimization of the structure of development of mineral resources and industrial distribution,pushing the build of spare mining in order to  enhance the developing power. The company owns Hualinggou iron mining,Xujiapu iron mining,Mianhuapu 2-6 iron mining,Honghuapu iron mining as the spare mining of which the amount of mining resource is 2.21 billion tons.

Mining company is targeting create value for society, customers and staff and fulfills the social responsibility and builds a resource-conserving green mining with beautiful environment. It has been pushing "green project"since recent years, which is the foundation to restore the environment around the mining so that the four mining have become the experimental unit of "green mining".

With the target of building a innovative enterprise, aiming the most advanced technology, pushing ahead independent innovation, Mining company has succeeded in solving a serial technical problems and formed the independent intellectual technology.It has been also awarded 19 national utility patents in the field of  technology management recent years.

Mineral company will focus on the development of global mineral resources and contribute the power to the sustained and steady development of Benxi Steel Group.