Computer Operating System

The operating system is the software that governs the basic functions of a computer. The operating system is in charge of controlling all application programs on the computer including hardware settings and input-output systems.

Examples of operating systems: Microsoft DOS, Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu (linux), Macintosh, etc. For more info you can visit QuickBooks Enterprise Number Operating System generally consists of several parts:

  • Boot, is put the kernel into memory
  • Kernel, the core of an Operating System
  • Shell or Command Interpreter, in charge of reading input from the user
  • Library, which provides a set of basic and standard functions that can be invoked by other applications
  • Drivers to interact with external hardware, as well as to control them.

Microsoft DOS and Microsoft Windows

Operating system began to enter the world of home computers after the Microsoft DOS from Microsoft software company. This operating system has not supported the computer users in many tasks (multitasking) and new operating system entered the world of multi-tasking after Microsoft released a new operating system with the name Microsoft Windows. If you want to buy newest software for your windows just visit QuickBooks Support Phone Number.

Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Windows continues to grow rapidly so dominate the world software market. Beginning with its best-selling Windows 95, Microsoft continued to strengthen its dominance by unleashing the launch of Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. For more info just visit QuickBooks Enterprise Tech Support Number.

Macintosh from Apple

In addition to Microsoft, another software company is Apple with its products are labeled with the name Macintosh Operating System (MacOS). The first MacOS was launched in 1984 to run an apple computer named Macintosh. This operating system is not compatible with IBM-made computers.

Apple Macintosh

MacOS is the first computer operating system that uses graphical user interface (not text) or often called GUI (Graphical User Interface). The generation of MacOS begins with the mention of the word System, like System 6, System 7 up to now using MacOS 9 and the latest is MacOS X (X = ten = ten)

Linux and Open source

Two operating systems mentioned above is a paid operating system, meaning we have to buy it to be able to put the operating system into our personal computers. In some cases it is found the use of windows operating system with a model copying from one computer to another without having to buy but this is including piracy action.