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Benefits of Metal Plating Metal coating involves taking a metal that is considered weaker or less attractive and coating it with another more appealing metal. It is done for many reasons and it is also done in a variety of ways. There are some that use flame spraying, while others prefer to use electroplating process. There are a variety of metals, which can be electroplated and this usually done to achieve a certain end. The process of electroplating involves having the metal in an electrolyte solution. The ions required for the coating are usually dissolved within the solution. There has to be an electric current passed through the metal and the solution in order to enhance the bond. The electric charge helps the ions within the solution to stick on the metal, thus causing the coating. If you want the coating to be thicker and stronger the metal has to be submerged and current passed through it for a long time. This process requires patience and a lot of expertise. If you are wondering why people would go through all the hassle of doing this, well, there are quite a number. Many of the reasons also apply as the advantages. Some of these reasons are discussed below.
Getting To The Point – Materials
Help Tackle The Problem of Corrosion
Getting To The Point – Materials
Corrosion is pretty much the destruction of a specific element due to a natural process or interference by some chemical or gas. Destruction in this sense is relative since some cases of corrosion turn metals into forms, which are actually more chemically stable. Iron is the best example. When iron corrodes it rusts and it has a number of disadvantages. Some of them being that it looks bad and it weakens metal. Corrosion can be prevented when a metal such as iron is coated with another metal like hold or silver. This goes a long way in making sure the metal neither corrodes nor oxidizes. Loss can come about due to corrosion. In fact, in the US alone several industries are affected. Every year replacement corroded materials can take up to 250 billion. Aesthetic Value People love things that look beautiful. They have a way of giving pleasure. Psychologists say that what appeals to the eyes has great impact on emotions and on cognitive processes. Some metals used for plating are very attractive for example gold. It is used to plate a variety of metals to be used in building homes, plating antiques or even creation of ornaments. Aside from gold, copper is also quite popular too. Durable, Hard and Heat Resistant One can also increase the strength of other metals through metal plating. When it comes to making airplanes and cars, silver is used because it is heat resistant. If you want to improve durability and prevent quick damage of metals that are easily malleable then you should try plating with tougher elements.